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I work for Hatena as a designer. Mostly I enjoy cooking, play guitar and the scuba diving recently on holiday. Once, I going to start Shodo (the calligraphy).

  • _ Overview

    Until now. We want creative people to spend time on creative things. So we came up with the typeface that includes all frequently used iconographics and symbols. Although, the idea is not hot-baked — Webdings and Windings have been around for quite a time — all of them have a lot of unnecessary and sometimes actually scary symbols.

    Web Symbols is a set of vector html-compliant typefaces, so it might be used in any size, color and browser (okey, mostly — but IE7 for sure).

    Source: Web Symbols typeface - Just Be Nice studio

    Add it to your website via this snipper:

    	font-family: 'WebSymbolsRegular';
    	src: url('/fonts/websymbols-regular-webfont.eot');
    	src: url('/fonts/websymbols-regular-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
    	     url('/fonts/websymbols-regular-webfont.woff') format('woff'),
    	     url('/fonts/websymbols-regular-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'),
    	     url('/fonts/websymbols-regular-webfont.svg#WebSymbolsRegular') format('svg');

    p Icons List

    a Web Symbols Editor

    ↓Tap and input text. Try change color and size.

    a b c d e

    Contents icons

    Icon Name Code
    I Image I
    S Settings S
    C Cloud C
    F Folder (Group) F
    Z Archive Z
    M Movie M
    H HTML code H
    T Text T
    _ Terminal _
    A Attachment A
    X Logout X
    n Indent n
    o Outdent o
    p List p
    q Number List q
    ~ Move ~
    U User U
    w Opened lock w
    x Closed lock x
    a Portrait view a
    b Album view b
    ` Center `

    Navigation icons

    Icon Name Code
    + Zoom in +
    - Zoom out -
    : Up :
    ; Down ;
    × Close (Disapprove) ×
    & Scale &
    ( Back (
    ) Forward )
    < Back arrow <
    > Forward arrow >
    * Rotate *
    ' Close '

    Social network icons

    Icon Name Code
    t Twitter t
    f Facebook f
    v Vkontakte v
    l Linked In l
    g Google+ g
    s Skype s
    r RSS r
    m Vimeo m
    y Youtube y
    k Tumblr k
    z Lettery z
    Q Odnoklassniki Q
    B RSS B

    Service site icons

    Icon Name Code
    R Favorite R
    , Tag ,
    c Comment c
    d Chat d
    e Opened chat e
    u Rating u
    ? Map pin ?
    N Like N
    O Unlike O
    L Search L
    J Reblog J
    D new window D
    P Clock P
    K Link K

    Other icons

    Icon Name Code
    @ Mail @
    { Sort {
    } Sort }
    [ Unfold [
    ] Fold ]
    ¹ Icon ¹
    ² List ²
    ³ List with icons ³
    h Reply h
    i Reply all i
    j Forward j
    % Fullscreen %
    . Done .
    / Approved /
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